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Tooth Extractions – North Grafton, MA

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No one likes the idea of having a tooth removed, but often, it’s the only way to protect a patient’s oral health if they have a tooth that is too damaged or decayed to be saved. The team at Theroux Dental Associates knows this type of procedure can be quite anxiety-inducing, which is why we do everything we can to make the process comfortable. We use a local anesthetic, offer sedation, and our team employs the latest techniques to make the entire experience virtually pain-free. If you or your child has a problem tooth that might need to go, give us a call today—we’ll surprise you with how easy tooth extractions in our North Grafton, MA can be. 

Why Choose Theroux Dental Associates for Tooth Extractions?

  • Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available
  • Patient Comfort Always Comes First
  • New, State-of-the-Art Facility

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Man in need of tooth extraction holding cheek
  • Infection: If an infection has already damaged most of a tooth and is threatening to spread to the surrounding teeth, we will likely recommend an extraction.
  • Trauma: A tooth can be so broken or cracked that repairing it simply isn’t an option.
  • Denture: We will extract any failing teeth before fitting a patient for a denture.
  • Orthodontics: Removing a tooth can reduce overcrowding and give the rest of the teeth enough room to shift in response to orthodontic treatment.

How Tooth Extractions Work

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

Tooth extractions are only used as a last resort, so we will consider all other restorative options before suggesting removing your tooth. For the procedure itself, we will numb the tooth and the surrounding area, and then we will rock it back and forth using dental forceps. This will allow the tooth to painlessly slip out on its own. Thanks to the anesthetic, most patients don’t even realize their tooth is out until we tell them. We will then dress the area with gauze, and the mouth will need about a week (usually less) to heal.

Understanding the Cost of Tooth Extractions 

Dentist in North Grafton looking over an X-ray for a tooth extraction

When tooth extraction is necessary, it can be stressful enough without also needing to worry about financial particulars. At Theroux Dental Associates, we know how hard it can be to undergo less-than-desired procedures like extraction, and we strive to keep you comfortable and reduce your anxiety in any way we can. This is why we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the cost of tooth extraction in one place for your convenience. Continue reading below to learn more.

Factors That Can Affect Tooth Extraction Cost 

Patient in North Grafton talking with dentist about dental insurance

There is, unfortunately, no set price for tooth extraction because every case is unique. Dr. Theroux or Dr. Carere will need to have a consultation with you first. This crucial first step helps figure out the severity of damage, the number of teeth, their locations, and whether surgery will be required to remove them. Generally, the more difficult or complex your case, the higher your procedure's cost.

Then there are replacement considerations to be had. Our team recommends not leaving a gap in your smile to ensure good future oral health. We offer dental bridges, implants, and dentures depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Once these factors have been determined, we can give you a better estimate of the total cost of your extraction or extractions.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Tooth Extractions?

Patient in North Grafton figuring out costs for tooth extraction

It’s a common practice for most dental insurance plans to cover some of the costs of tooth extraction. However, this depends on your specific plan and factors like whether your deductible has been met for the year. On most plans that cover the treatment, extraction is considered a “major procedure” which are generally covered by 50 percent. If you’re not sure what’s covered, don’t stress! Our team will guide you through the process and handle any claims that need to be made with your insurance company for you.

Other Options for Making Tooth Extractions Affordable

woman using a calculator

For some patients, dental insurance isn’t an option. If this sounds like you, there’s no need to worry. At Theroux Dental Associates, we offer other ways to make covering the cost of extractions as painless as possible. Here are some excellent benefits you can take advantage of:

In-House Membership Plan: We offer three tiers of membership so you can add other members of your family at a discounted rate. Uninsured patients can enjoy savings on all preventive care and procedures—including extractions all year long for one annual or semi-annual fee.

CareCredit Financing: We also proudly accept CareCredit card financing so you can get the treatment you need now and worry about the cost later. CareCredit offers low to no-interest financing for all who qualify!

So, if you need to relieve the pain of infected or damaged teeth, don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation. Our office will work with you to ensure you get the care you need at a rate you can afford.